Blending Her Latin and Rodeo Roots, Leah Turner Shares a Family Love Story
Watch "Once Upon a Time in Mexico," the new music video by Leah Turner.
Luke Combs Breaks Billboard Record Set by Taylor Swift
Luke Combs is holding onto the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart this week, breaking a record set by Taylor Swift. Combs’ newest project, What You See Is What You Get, is spending its 25th week at No. 1, making him the only country artist to have their first two albums hold... Read more »
Tucker Beathard Shares Photos of His Little Girl Sage
In a social media post on Monday evening (July 13), Tucker Beathard shared a piece of his personal life no one really knew about. He has a daughter. Her name is Sage and she just turned two. “I don’t usually like posting a lot of real personal life things…but I wanna share this part of... Read more »
Morgan Wallen Becomes a Father and a Changed Man
Late on Monday evening (July 13), Morgan Wallen announced some big little news that nobody really saw coming. He has a son, Indie Wilder, who was born on July 10 in Nashville, weighing 6 lbs., 13 oz. And now Wallen says he is a changed man. View this post on Instagram Little Wilder, I’m a... Read more »
Travis Denning: The Happy Hour Q&A
Travis Denning truly doesn’t know where that beer’s been, but he does know where it’s going. That’s the takeaway from our happy hour Zoom call on Monday (July 10). Denning had the happy hour with reporters to talk about how his last single “After a Few” just made it to the No. 1 spot on... Read more »
Rascal Flatts Race the Clock in “Quick, Fast, In a Hurry”
Listen to "Quick, Fast, In a Hurry," the new release by Rascal Flatts and Rachel Wammack.

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